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Whilst, as described elsewhere on this site we have now passed on the sales, support and development of our flagship products PALLETMANAGER and CARGOMANAGER to Miralis Data (support@miralis.co.uk) we continue to be keen to hear from those with problems for which they cannot find appropriate solution software.

During our many years of operation we have developed a number of tools and techniques that may well be useful to clients with other packing and space utilisation problems. 

We also have considerable expertise in the application of state-of-the-art solution techniques (simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, evolutionary algorithms etc) to a range of logistics and scheduling problems. These include problems involving the packing / cutting of irregular shaped objects. 

We can offer advice on a wide range of logistics and scheduling problems and can also offer bespoke solutions as well as continuing to develop and enhance our range of generic products.

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