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Email Specifications from within your Applications.

Increasingly users of PALLETMANAGER and CARGOMANAGER are interested in creating and sending load specifications as email attachments. Both PALLETMANAGER and CARGOMANAGER have been enhanced over the past 2 years to enable this as described below.

This low cost add-on facility uses a combination of special enhancements to our products linking to a 3rd party product Broadgun pdfmachine (www.pdfmachine.com).


Installations of licensed copies of PALLETMANAGER or CARGOMANAGER from CD's dated 15/3/2004 or later already install as standard the special PALLETMANAGER / CARGOMANAGER programs needed to link to the Broadgun pdfmachine software. Those on a maintenance program can, of course, obtain an updated application CD free of charge from support@goweralg.co.uk

The pdfmachine software can be downloaded free of charge (for trial) from www.pdfmachine.com and also a license purchased from that site. Alternatively GOAL can provide a CD containing a licensed product at a similar cost, though download of the latest version is always recommended.


Further information can be found at www.pdfmachine.com and also here.

How the email facility works.

On the screens where normally 'Print' would be selected a new 'Email' option becomes additionally available. This produces an Adobe PDF file (identical content to that of the printed reports), and automatically launches your MAPI compliant mail system (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange, Eudora, Netscape and others - ask your IT team), and placing the PDF in the mail message as an attachment.

The email attachment uses the widely popular Adobe PDF format - already in extensive use for web pages - e.g. the download of all the UK tax forms! - and simply requires the users to have installed the free Adobe Reader. A majority of PC's are likely to already have this installed or it can be downloaded from Adobe.

Normally PALLETMANAGER or CARGOMANAGER users might print out a specification and then fax this to one or more locations. 

With this add-on facility, at the point where a printout might typically be requested users select the Email option - as show below for PALLETMANAGER.

The PDF Email option is then selected from the following user dialog.

The resulting output which would 'normally' have gone to your printer is then displayed on screen in PDF format. You can then select to either save this PDF format file to disk (one way of saving specifications for future recall) and/or select Send to launch your email system with the report already set as an attachment. This is illustrated below. File attachment sizes are small - typically 15k - 50k.

The first screen below shows the (CARGOMANAGER) screen display after selecting the PDF Email option. The full report (in PDF format) is shown on-screen. You can naturally view any / all and select printouts if you wish. Then you select Send....

and the screen below (in this case Microsoft Outlook Express mail) is automatically launched with the attachment already set in place. You just enter the recipient details and any message and send it off!

The recipient just clicks on the attached file to see the load specification!

The paperless office?? Perhaps!



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