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Scheduling Solutions.



Staff at Gower Optimal Algorithms Ltd have over 30 years experience in tackling a broad range of scheduling problems. Some of the work done is outlined below, and in addition GOAL staff have long-standing links with companies and individuals worldwide who are world leaders in this field. Thus if we cannot immediately solve a given problem we are often able to use such resources to find or develop a suitable solution.

Many such problems have both 'hard' and 'soft' constraints. The former refer to scheduling constraints which must always be met, whilst the latter are constraints which are desirable characteristics of the final solution. For example, one area which has been examined is that of nurse scheduling on wards, where there may be 'hard' constraints in terms of the number of staff on duty at any time, and also essential skill needs for each shift. 'Soft' constraints for such a problem might be that of providing staff with 'life friendly' working times and also meeting essential 'time off' requests as far as possible, whilst throughout having a systems which is transparent in providing a fair work schedule for all. 

Other areas in which we work includes scheduling systems for Universities and Schools (for classes / practical sessions/ work placements / exams etc), Sports Scheduling, and of course the solution of vehicle routing problems.

We also have considerable expertise in the application of state-of-the-art solution techniques (simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, evolutionary algorithms etc) to a range of logistics and scheduling problems. These include problems involving the packing / cutting of irregular shaped objects. 

We can offer advice on a wide range of logistics and scheduling problems and can also offer bespoke solutions as well as continuing to develop and enhance our range of generic products.

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