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SLIPSHEET MANAGER -  loading identical product into containers / trailers.



Stacking Identical Product in Containers / Trailers on Pallets or Slipsheets?

If so you certainly need SLIPSHEET MANAGER - 

Do you transport products in shipping containers or trailers using 'blocks' of identical product stacked on pallets, slipsheets or as free-standing stacks? If so this new, unique and innovative software product can help you pack more efficiently and cut your storage and transportation costs.

The software focuses on maximising the amount of identical product which can be packed into a container or trailer in stacks - if you have mixed products in a container, or you load products by hand without block stacking then you need CARGOMANAGER.

SLIPSHEET MANAGER was developed so that companies could load cargo more efficiently using slipsheets (a pallet alternative), but the techniques used have proved equally effective when tackling problems where pallets (or stacks of product) are to be loaded into trailers / containers. It allows you to:

Determine how optimal utilisation of standard pallets or the use of slipsheets of a similar size can cut your distribution costs.

Calculate what additional savings can be achieved by using custom slipsheet (or pallet) sizes, which take account of both product case sizing and the selected container / trailer size.

Determine the efficiency gains which may be achieved when using slipsheets rather than pallets.

Display the range of optimal stacking plans which might be used in the stacking of cases onto standard and non-standard sized slipsheets and pallets.

View the optimal load plan for loading the stacks into the container / trailer - taking account of physical loading constraints.

Save the stacking / container plans to disk for printing / viewing / email.

"I found the product easy to use and the outputs were excellent and accurate. As well as matching existing solutions the software came up with several interesting options for other products which we are looking to progress"

Warehouse Planning Mgr, Major European Supply Chain Solution Provider.

The product is available (for both metric and imperial dimensions) and a full trial copy can be provided to those sending their full company details to support@goweralg.co.uk .

A more detailed description with screen shots is available here.

SLIPSHEET MANAGER enables you to quickly and easily demonstrate the benefits which both standard size and custom slip-sheet (or pallet) sizes can provide for container loading. It does so by considering all possible case stack sizes, determining their optimal loading into the container, and providing you with a ranked performance table.

Please email us so that we can provide you with a trial of SLIPSHEET MANAGER (support@goweralg.co.uk)


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